Breaking the "Sweet Poison"

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Jun 11, 2013 - Comments
This is a post I wrote by hand while I was at work and unable to get to a computer until now…
10th June 2013
Up at 5:30m. Bacon, Eggs on toast – yum
Feeling good. First bottle of water finished by 10am. At lunch I have a salad with a toasted garlic pita bread and some low sugar mayo I found!

It’s been a week today that I kicked sugar. The last few days I have felt great – I would go as far as to say I feel smaller? or maybe just not bloated?

In saying that.. Withdrawal had kicked in. Gosh… the shakes and a headache that feels a little like a dehydration headache but its not that at all. I’ve had plenty of water. My vision blurred a few times also. I am feeling so desperate to get rid of this headache, I am close to running upstairs to have a chocolate. (there are four bowls of it on the staff room table)
Today “reformed fat chick” is very jealous of her colleagues that are eating it. GRR! What a roller-coaster ride this sugar has me on! I refuse to have any to fix my headache, that’s what it wants. It wants me hooked. like that awful poem about meth addiction
This sugar is seemingly harmless but its torturing me to the brink of tears. I will not cave. I will drink water and I will hold on for the next few days. What’s so bad about a headache.. I’ve been through childbirth! I can already feel the sore head subsiding as I focus my frustrations on something else.
That’s all it takes. It will get easier. A drink of water every time I want something will help…. stops the hunger. Being hungry and needing a ‘hit’ is not a good combination. I have decided I will weigh in once a week and blog it. I was weighing in everyday and the number that came up on the scales was staying with me all day like it was painted on my forehead and severely affected my mood and self image all day. If it was a good weigh in then I would treat myself with something yummy. If it was a bad weigh in I would eat something yummy to feel better… Painfully damaging cycle. I need this. For the first time in my life I am going to be selfish and I am going to beat this.
Jun 8, 2013 - Comments
What could be better than being able to have bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning….? I’d say nothing!
Its become such a habit over the last few months that if I don’t have it I just don’t feel like I have started my day… I heard a saying on the radio months ago “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”

Notice lots of pubs advertise “All Day Breakfasts?” There is something in this… If you eat a bigger breakfast then you have a chance to burn it off during the day.. therefore it is not stored in your body… Having a big dinner and a late snack and then heading to bed means your body will store the food… I have noticed my weight would improve when I had a good breakfast and slowly ate less during the day and then had nothing after 8pm. I also wake up hungry for breakfast.. Lots of people say “argh, I can’t eat in the mornings!” it did take about a week to get used to it but now it’s great. I feel like I am eating the right way around if that makes sense?
Ok, enough about yummy breakfasts…
I am feeling pretty good. I have seen a few sweet things and have thought about sweet foods over the past week but I have not felt the want for them that I would’ve a month ago. I am picking up food and looking at labels just out of habit now. I think I can do this. I have stayed home tonight instead of going to watch the All Blacks play at the friends place as there will be a few ‘triggers’ I am not ready to face yet, I am also not ready to talk to people I have regular contact with until there is some visible weight loss. Then I will feel like I will have ‘back up’ for my avoidance of sugar.. I think I will get a hard time from a few people. I have also been thinking about what to do about my 2 year old daughter having sugar in her diet. I haven’t finished the books yet but from what I have read the effects are bad. If I don’t want it for my own health then it only makes sense that I at least limit it for her? What will the cook at day care say to having to limit her sugar? I mean, she’d be fine with doing it if my daughter had an allergy… Is that the road to take? In the book I think the author tells people he is Fructose intolerant…. and that the symptoms are weight gain, fatigue, increased apatite etc etc. I’ll have to think more on that one I think.
I do have to say that not thinking about food a lot has been nice. I guess that’s what an addict does right? Thinks about when they will get their next ‘hit’ ? Well…. Maybe I am almost on the other side of the addiction… At this point I think I could be pressured into trying something.. best to just stay away from it all for now. I can feel that I am getting stronger though… Potentially the information in the book about how bad sugar is, is really helping me this time…
I also have ‘goal pants’ and they’re visible in my room. I’ll reveal the size I’m in now and the size of my goal pants when I can fit into them…. you already have my start weight!
So, been a few days and so far so god. I’ll just keep going…
Oh, and – DRINK LOTS OF WATER!! It’s helping me before and after a meal to ‘fill the gap’
night xo
Jun 6, 2013 - Comments
Weight 92.9KG
Well, Day two.. Feeling good. Feeling strong. Until I walk into the staff room and there is a morning tea shout of yummy sugary treats…! I look at the cupcakes with sprinkles… for a split second I think that they look nice but then I remember what I’ve read so far from the sweet poison book. So I decide that the cup cakes look awful and that anyone who eats them is stupid. I even tell one colleague I’ll be sure to attend her funeral for eating such awful food… oh no, “reformed fat chick” is beginning to surface…. So instead of giving everyone who comes up grief for having something that they choose to have I will write an entry in my blog… Feeling calmer already… I will use this blog to vent (sometimes) I think….!
Went out for breakfast with my manager and two other team leaders. They all ordered a hot drink of some description and I asked for a water instead of my usual hot chocolate…. I feel really proud of doing that… it means I still have a clean slate for the day and I am going to take those little achievements and run with them! One day/meal at a time…
No real symptoms today so far… I think my positive attitude might be clouding them… I’m sure that might start to dwindle in a few days… I have a whole weekend of temptations to get through..
Jun 6, 2013 - Comments
Here I go… I’m not really sure on where to start but I thought I would type a quick message to get the blog rolling.

I am going to blog my experience of breaking my sugar addiction. A few weeks ago I started to cut down and I was only eating things that were 5% sugar. It’s unbelievable the amount of sugar in some things! I suffered a week long headache and got the shakes on more than one occasion (withdrawal… from sugar?! bad huh!) I have since then had my mother visit and while she was here I decided I would just eat what everyone else was having and then crack back into it once she was gone!

So today is the day… I am currently reading “sweet poison” by John Gillespie. I started his “sweet poison quit plan” – Talk about mind blowing stuff! Sugar really is poison… if you struggle with your eating habits and your weight then this book is a MUST read. I will post my starting weight tomorrow. I will post anything that interests me from the book and hopefully I will inspire someone to take charge of their food addiction like I am.
Stay tuned…… night xo